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Colloque international "Race, identity and Globalization in Southern Africa and Beyond"

Publié le 4 mars 2019 Mis à jour le 4 mars 2019

Organisation: The DEPARTMENT OF FRENCH (UNIVERSITY OF BOTSWANA), GRER-ICT (Paris – Diderot), CREA (Paris – Nanterre)


du 22 février 2019 au 23 février 2019


Université du Botswana

Southern Africa has been undergoing radical changes in social, economic and political terms since the onset of decolonization. International interest has focused on the RSA, with its long apartheid period (1948-1990), which established race as the main identity marker in an attempt to maintain “White supremacy”. However the question of race and identity has been a topic of discussion throughout the world, though in varying ways but time and space have brought in a dimension where race and identities have been redefined and viewed in new perspectives even in Southern Africa.

Mis à jour le 04 mars 2019