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International D.H. Lawrence Conference : The Relative and the Absolute

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International D.H. Lawrence Conference: The Relative and the Absolute
International D.H. Lawrence Conference: The Relative and the Absolute

Colloque international D.H.Lawrence organisé par le groupe Études Lawrenciennes rattaché au Centre de Recherches Anglophones - CREA EA 370 de l’Université Paris Nanterre. Il porte sur le thème : " The Relative and the Absolute "


du 30 mars 2017 au 1 avril 2017

Bâtiment W (Max Weber)
Salles de séminaire 1 & 2
Plan d'accès

Descriptif :

This topic relates not only to the poetico-philosophical ideas that Lawrence expresses in his essays, notably in "The Crown" and "Fantasia of the Unconscious", but also to the way they connect with his artistic production; What he read about Einstein's Theory of relativity in 1921 reinforced his belief in the importance of universal relatedness and personal relationships as well as his desire to reconcile the relative and the absolute in his art.


THURSDAY 30 MARCH (Building W. Salle de séminaire 1)

9.00 Registration and welcome.

9.45 – 10.10 MARINA RAGACHEWSKAYA, Minsk State Linguistic University, Minsk, Belarus
"Love Your Enemy”: The Relativity of Absolute Love in D.H. Lawrence’s "The Ladybird"

10.10 –10.35 FIONA FLEMING, Université de Savoie
The Absolute of Interconnectedness in “The Princess”, "Sun" and Lady Chatterley’s Lover

11. 05-11.30 JOSEPH SHAFER, University of Warwick, U.K.
Whitman's "Soul" and "All" in Sexual Difference

11.30 – 11.55 HOWARD J. BOOTH, University of Manchester, U.K.
Voices and the Relational in D.H. Lawrence’s "The Rocking-Horse Winner" and the radio adaptation of the story by W.H. Auden and James Stern (1941)

2.30 – 2.55 JACQUELINE GOUIRAND, Université Lyon 2
Birkin's New Ethic of human relationships: The Avatars of the Absolute

2.55 -3.20 TONY VOSS, University of Kwazulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa
Gerald Crich at the Level Crossing: the Relative and the Absolute in Women in Love

3.50 – 4.15 BRIGITTE MACADRE-NGUYEN, Université de Reims
Aphorisms and Clichés in Women in Love: the Words of False Prophets"

4.15 – 4.40 MARIA TREJLING, Stockholm University, Sweden
Limiting Concepts: Lawrence’s Dismantling of Anthropocentrism in Women in Love


FRIDAY 31 MARCH (Building W. Salle de séminaire 2)

9.30 – 9. 55 ELISE BRAULT-DREUX, Université de Valenciennes.
“‘Strange conjunctions’ in poetry”

9.55 – 10.20 THERESA MAE THOMPSON, Valdosta State University, USA
Aqueous, subaqueous, / Submerged / And wave-thrilled”: The Watery Absolute in
D. H. Lawrence’s “Fish”

10.50 – 11.15 JONATHAN LONG, independent scholar, U.K.
"The novel is…so incapable of the absolute." D H Lawrence’s evolving views on the relative and the absolute in the novel.

11.15– 11.40 MICHAEL BELL, Warwick University, U.K.
The Absolute, the Relative and the Novel


2.15 – 2.40 PAUL POPLAWSKI, independent scholar, U.K.
"[M]y reach ends in my finger-tips, and my stride is no longer than the ends of my toes": Lawrence’s embodiment of the relative and the absolute

2.40 – 3.05 MÉLANIE LEBRETON, Université de Rennes 2
"The subtle sense of the Great Absolute": D. H. Lawrence and the nomadic Godhead

3.35 – 4.00 PETER FJÅGESUND, University College of Southeast Norway, Norway
D.H. Lawrence: From Religion and Science to Art

4.00 - 4.25 SUSAN REID, independent scholar, U.K.
Lawrence, Beethoven, and the Problem of Absolute music


SATURDAY 1 APRIL (salle de séminaire 2)

9.15-9.40 NICK CERAMELLA, independent scholar, Italy
The Duality of Blake and Lawrence regarding the Relative and the Absolute

9-40 – 10.05 BENJAMIN BOUCHE, Université Paris-Nanterre
'Existence' and 'Being', a pertinent distinction ?

10.05 -10.30 SOHA EL SAMAD, The Lebanese University, Lebanon
“‘Life is not a clock’”: On Illusion and Timelessness in D.H. Lawrence

11.00 -11.25 JANE COSTIN, independent scholar, U.K.
Death, Christ and Resurrection

11.25 – 11.50 STEFANIA MICHELUCCI, Genova University, Italy
The Relativity of Death in The Fox.



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