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Political Culture and Political Movements in the Neoliberal City

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Second event of the project "Places and Cultures of Capitalism: New Histories from the Grassroots" co-organized by Centre de Recherches Anglophones - CREA (Université Paris Nanterre), Histoire et Dynamique des Espaces Anglophones - HDEA (Université Paris Sorbonne), University of York and University College London.


le 15 décembre 2017

Bâtiment V (Ida Maier)

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Workshop: Researching the Neoliberal City

Participants: Tamara Boussac (HDEA-Université Paris Sorbonne), Luke Carroll (University of York), Marion Marchet (HDEA-Université Paris Sorbonne), Clément Petitjean (HDEA-Université Paris Sorbonne) and Vladimir Rizov (University of York).

Conference lunch


Joshua Clark Davis, University of Baltimore, “From Free Space to Private Space: How 1970s Social Movements Unwittingly Paved the Way for Gentrification”

Maud Simonet, Université Paris Nanterre/CNRS, “Serving in Urban Public Schools, Volunteering in New York City Parks: The Civic Face of Neoliberalism"

Coffee break


David Huyssen, The University of York, "New Haven, Neoliberalism, and a 'Right to the City' Praxis in the Age of Trump"

Brenda Parker, The University of Illinois at Chicago, “Feminist Futures: Confronting Gendered, Raced and Neoliberal Violence in Cities”

Gareth Millington, The University of York, “Centres, Peripheries and the Neoliberal/ Post-political Problematic: Reflections from London”

Roundtable discussion

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