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33ème Colloque international D.H.Lawrence

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33ème Colloque international D.H.Lawrence organisé par le groupe Études Lawrenciennes rattaché au Centre de Recherches Anglophones - CREA EA 370 de l’Université Paris Nanterre. Ce colloque international porte sur le thème " D.H.LAWRENCE AND THE ANTICIPATION OF THE ECOLOGICAL TURN "


du 4 avril 2019 au 6 avril 2019

Bâtiment W (Max Weber)
Salle des séminaires 2 - rez de chaussée
Plan d'accès

Programme :

Jeudi 04 avril

9.00- Registration and welcome

9. 35 – 10.00- JONATHAN LONG, UK.
The Developing Reception of D H Lawrence’s Sketches of Etruscan Places –A Text for Ecocriticism.

10.00 – 10.25- SUSAN REID, University of Northampton, UK.
Soundscapes and Birdsong towards an Eco-musicological Reading of D. H. Lawrence

10.45- 11.10- LAURA RYAN, University of Manchester, UK.
A Lover of Nature: Lawrence and Eco-sexuality

11.10-11.35- CARRIE ROHMAN, Lafayette College, USA.
D. H. Lawrence’s Bio-aesthetics: Dandy Animals and Creatural Capers

11.35 -12.00- CATHERINE BROWN, New College of the Humanities, London, UK
Lawrence and the Anticipation of a Vegan World


2.30 – 2.55- PAUL POPLAWSKI, Austria.
A Green Modern Lover in Notts.

2.55 – 3.20- FIONA FLEMING, Université Paris Nanterre,
Dialectical Relations between Humans and Non-Humans in D. H. Lawrence and Thomas Hardy

3.20- 3.45- SHIRLEY BRICOUT, Université de Montpellier III
Up-ending the Telescope: D. H. Lawrence as Eco-Critic and Birdwatcher

4.05 – 4.30- ELISE BRAULT-DREUX, Université de Valenciennes,
Smells and Scents in D.H. Lawrence’s Poetry: A Mode of Being in Nature

4.30- 4.55- SARAH BOUTTIER, Ecole polytechnique, Université Paris-Saclay,
Non-human Nakedness

Vendredi 05 avril

9.15- 9.40- TERRY GIFFORD, Bath Spa University, UK / Universidad de Alicante, Spain.
Organic Metaphor or Reverse Agency in The Rainbow?

9.40-10.05- BENJAMIN BOUCHE, Université Paris Nanterre,
From the Subject to the Environment, a Reading of Lady Chatterley's Lover

10.05-10.30- MARIA TREJLING, Stockholm University, Sweden.
Ursula and the Demonic Horses

10.50- 11.15- MICHAEL BELL, University of Warwick, UK,
The Tree of Life: D. H. Lawrence, Peter Wohleben and Richard Powers.

11.15- 11.40- HOWARD BOOTH, University of Manchester, UK
D.H. Lawrence, Adorno and the Politics of Nature: Birds, Beasts and Flowers and Kangaroo


2.00- 2.25- MARINA RAGACHEWSKAYA, Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus
Horses, Women, Storms and More: the Dialogics of the Human and Non-Human in St Mawr

2.25- 2.50- STEFANIA MICHELUCCI, University of Genoa, Italy
A Sanctuary Made of Silence and Aristocratic Trees: D.H. Lawrence’s Eco-provocative Remote England

3.10-3.35- MARIE GERALDINE RADEMACHER, Université de Tokyo, Japan.
“I believe our civilisation is going to collapse”: Early Ecological Thinking in D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover

3.35 – 4.00- SOHA EL-SAMAD,The Lebanese University, Lebanon
Lawrence’s “Eco-jouissance:” between Ethical Responsibility and Irresponsibility

4.00-4.25- JANE COSTIN, Independent scholar, UK
“apples that aren’t very appley”: the Place of the Non-Human in a New Morality.

Samedi 06 avril

9.15-9.40- HOLLY LAIRD, University of Tulsa, USA.
An Ecology of Nature and Machine: Lawrence’s Early Poetry

9.40-10.05- JEFF WALLACE, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
A Question Concerning Technics: D.H. Lawrence’s ‘Education of the People’

10.25-10.50- PETER FJÅGESUND, University of South Eastern Norway
The King in Exile: Ecocriticism, Lawrence and Animals

10.50-11.15- THERESA MAE THOMPSON, Valdosta State University, USA
Impure Alterity: Lawrence’s sghembo bat

11.15-11.40- MELANIE LEBRETON, Université de Rennes 2,
Lawrence and the Poetry of Humanimality

2.00-2.25- JOYJIT GHOSH, Vidyasagar Universsity, India
The Face of the Other: Reading a Selection of Animal Poems by D.H. Lawrence

2.25- 2.50- JOANNA JONES, University of Manchester, UK.
if it is the end, then we are of the end - Fleurs du mal, if you like’: Lawrence, Baudelaire, and dissolution

3.10-3.35- SARAH KATRIB, Formatrice à l’ESPE, Université de Strasbourg,
« yet the plants rise again » : The Powerful Fragility of Nature in Lawrence’s Anthropological Reflections

3.35-4.00- CLAUDIA ROSENHAN, University of Edinburgh, UK.
The White Peacock –Energy F/flows through the Environment

Organizers :

  • Cornelius Crowley
  • Ginette Roy

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