Parcours Judaïques n°12

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Creation and Transformation Sites and Moments of Creativity Transformation and Disclosure (Revelation) (2013)

Table of contents

  • Danièle Kahn-Paycha et Avron Kulak, Préface
  • Amalia Rechtman, "The Texture of Memory"
  • Avron Kulak, "On the Creation and Fall of Modernity"
  • Danièle Kahn-Paycha, "Moments of Creativity in Philip Roth's The Humbling"
  • Harry Rand, "A Place on Earth & a Place in the Heavens: Five Rabbis at B'nei Break"
  • Yona Dureau, "Mise en Abyme and Re-creation through Intertextuality in Shakespeare's Plays"
  • Laura Wiseman, "Creating Spaces at the Edge of Thought: Crystal-clear Consciousness in Selected Poems by Dahlia Ravikovitch"
  • Libby Garshowitz, "Transforming Creation: Glances at Genesis in Solomon Ibn Gabirol's Philosophy and Poetry"
  • Manel Grati, "Creation and Transformation. Sites and Moments of Crezativity, Transformation and Disclosure From Revelation to Revolution"
  • Amalia Rechtman, "Jewish Writers in America"
  • Yona Dureau, "'La Transparance et l'Obstacle': Jewishness and Otherness in Paul Auster's Writings"

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