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Beyond Disfluency - The interplay of speech, gesture, and interaction

Loulou Kosmala

Publié le 27 mars 2024 Mis à jour le 27 mars 2024

John Benjamins, 2024

This book pioneers a tridimensional approach to (dis)fluency, evaluating fluency across three different dimensions, mainly speech, gesture, and interaction. Drawing from an extensive video dataset covering different languages and speech genres in French and English, the present research goes beyond traditional production-oriented models of so-called ‘disfluency’ phenomena, and aims to unravel the complexities of human multimodal production and interactive processes. Designed for linguists, communication scholars, and researchers, this work resonates with the latest trends in different fields (Second Language Acquisition, Interactional Linguistics, and Gesture studies). It introduces a fresh perspective on disfluency by integrating visual-gestural features, such as hand gestures, gaze, and facial expressions, captured in situated interaction.

Site de l'éditeur : https://benjamins.com/catalog/ais.11

Mis à jour le 27 mars 2024