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Brevity is the soul of wit

études réunies et présentées par Yan Brailowsky

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Angles: French Perspectives on the Anglophone World, n°1

Couverture Angles 1
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Yan Brailowsky: Video introduction to issue 1
Yasna Bozhkova: ‘The Language of the Future’ and the Crisis of Modernity: Mina Loy’s ‘Aphorisms on Futurism’
Axel Nesme: Condensation and Displacement in the Poetry of Lorine Niedecker
Raphaël Ricaud: John L. Brown’s Epistolary Wit, The Difficult Art of Practicing Public Diplomacy
Jay Hide, Melanie Friend and James McLaren: Graphic Interlude, “Brevity is the soul of wit”
Jean-Jacques Lecercle: “Language is worth a thousand pounds a word”
Shannon Wells-Lassagne: Short and sweet? Structuring Humor and Morality in American Sitcoms
Thomas Britt: Three Little Words and the Critical Argument of The Best Show on WFMU
Catherine Chauvin: One-liners and Linguistics: (Re)Interpretation, Context and Meaning
Jean-François Baillon and Nicolas Labarre: Things Are Going to Change: Genre Hybridization in 'Shaun of the Dead'
Mathilde Bertrand: Photographing the Miner's Strike at Lea Hall Colliery, 1984-1987: Interview with photographer Nigel Dickinson
Emeline Jouve: Gender and Race Trouble: 'The Emperor Jones' by The Wooster Group [Full text]

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