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Motherhood and Creativity in Contemporary Self-Life Writing: Writers and Mothers

Alice Braun, Routledge, 2024, Monographie

Publié le 26 mars 2024 Mis à jour le 4 juin 2024


This book aims to study the representation of motherhood in self-life writing by English-speaking authors. It highlights the particular issues women writers are faced with when they try to combine their vocation as artists with their duties to their children. For those women who  claim their right to be both mothers and writers, several cultural myths need to be taken down, chief among which is the representations that we have of what being an artist should be like, as well as the role a mother should have towards her children. This book looks at self-life writing by women from English-speaking countries to reveal the common themes and tropes which recur in texts written on the subject of motherhood, by looking at them from both a literary and a cultural perspective. It also aims to demonstrate that a new generation of women writers is taking up the subject and forging a new literary tradition.

Table of contents

Introduction – A Sound-Proof Room of One’s Own
Chapter 1 – The Impossible Subject
Chapter 2 – To Have and Have Not
Chapter 3 – On Pregnancy and Childbirth
Chapter 4 – Mother Writing
Chapter 5 – Bad Mothers
Conclusion – Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater

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Mis à jour le 04 juin 2024