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New Perspectives on Irish TV Series. Identity and Nostalgia on the Small Screen

sous la direction de Flore Coulouma

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Ouvrage publié avec le concours de l'EA 370 Centre de Recherches Anglophones, de l'UFR LCE et de la Commission des Publications de la Commission Recherche de l'Université Paris Nanterre

Within the growing field of television studies, little work has yet been done on the Irish context. This volume aims to fill this gap by offering new and compelling studies of contemporary Irish TV series. Fictional TV series, which constitute an autonomous genre within the broader cultural phenomenon of TV broadcasting, are explored here as paradigmatic representations of Irish popular culture. This book investigates the vast number of series produced in Ireland over the past two decades, focusing on their cultural impact at a time when American and British dominance have led many critics and viewers to underestimate the significance of Irish programming. The essays collected here reveal a distinctly Irish culture of TV fiction series, in both the Irish and English languages, and examine some of its finest examples, from Father Ted to Love/Hate and Sin Scéal Eile.

Broché: 216 pages
Editeur : Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften (28 mai 2016)
Collection : Reimagining Ireland
Langue : Anglais
ISBN-13: 978-3034319775
  • Flore Coulouma est maîtresse de conférences en linguistique anglaise et en études irlandaises à l'Université Paris Nanterre. Elle est membre du Centre de Recherches Anglophones. 

Flore Coulouma -- Introduction 1
1. Sylvie Mikowski -- Family by Roddy Doyle: Goodbye to the ‘Cosy Homestead’ 13
2. Cornelius Crowley -- Father Ted: Priests on Screen and Irish Self-Images 31
3. Sheamus Sweeney -- Prosperity: Dublin on the Verge of an Economic Breakdown 57
4. Deirdre Quinn -- Single-Handed: Negotiating Power and the Past in Irish Television Drama 73
5. Thierry Robin -- Ireland according to The Savage Eye: Shifting Satirical Paradigms and the Reconfiguration of National Stereotypes 91
6. Catherine Conan -- Post-Tiger Noir? The TV Adaptation of Benjamin Black’s Quirke Novels 115
7. Anthony P. McIntyre -- Moone Boy: Nostalgia, Region and the Elision of Celtic Tiger Aspirationalism 139
8. Flore Coulouma -- Where’s the Love in Love/Hate? Gangster Violence, Irish Identity and Global Television 161
9. Ruth Lysaght -- Sin Scéal Eile [That’s Another Story]: Contemporary Screen Adaptations of Irish-Language Stories for TG4 179
Notes on Contributors 207
Index 211

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