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Revisiting the Uk and Ireland's Transatlantic Economic Relationship With the United States in the 21st Century: Beyond Sentimental Rhetoric

sous la direction d'Anne Groutel, Marie-Christine Pauwels et Valérie Peyronel

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This book revisits the economic relationship that ties the UK and Ireland to the United States in the aftermath of the greatest economic crisis of the past fifty years.

When considering recent developments to these economic links, it appears that oppositional forces are at work. On one hand, globalization and the rise of new economic powers may undermine the ties. Besides, Ireland’s and the UK’s European Union membership could also loosen their economic ties with the US. Conversely, the future Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement may well strengthen trade and investment links between the US and Europe.

Are the economic bonds between the US, the UK and Ireland waning, as some pundits purport? Or are those claims overstated? Could their economic relationship simply be going through a process of change? Although there may not be a single and straightforward answer to these questions, the authors seek to address these issues and provide insight into the changing dynamics of this historic economic relationship.

Relié: 247 pages
Editeur : Palgrave Macmillan (8 novembre 2016)
Langue : Anglais
ISBN-13: 978-1137585493

About the authors
  • Anne Groutel is an associate professor at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University (France) where she teaches English applied to economics, business and management. Her publications include: “Whither the State? The Recent Evolution of the Role of the State in Ireland”, Irish Studies in Europe Series, (2012) and “Engaging the Irish Diaspora in Ireland’s Economic Development: a Double-edged Sword?”, Irish Studies in Europe Series, (2014).
  • Marie-Christine Pauwels is an associate professor of American Studies in the Foreign Languages Department of the University of Université Paris Nanterre la Défense (France). She has written several books on American culture and society including, The Civilization of the United States (regularly updated) and The American Dream (1997).
  • Valérie Peyronel is a professor of Anglo-Irish Studies at Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 University (France) and has been the director of CERVEPAS (Centre d’Étude et de Recherche sur la Vie Économique des Pays Anglophones) since October 2012. She has published and co-edited several works on these issues, including La crise financière et les économies du monde Anglophone (2010) and “Crisis: what crisis?”, Etudes irlandaises, Autumn issue (2015).


Groutel, Anne
Pages 3-22

Turning the Telescope Around. The Anglo-American ‘Special’ Economic Relationship in the ‘Post-American’ World
Azuelos, Martine
Pages 23-55

The Irish−US Economic Relations: End of an Era or a Promising Future?
Boullet, Vanessa
Pages 57-74

US Investment in Northern Ireland: Strategies, Incentives and Perspectives
Peyronel, Valérie
Pages 75-91

The Role of Finance in US–UK Relations Today and Its Global Influence
Sowels, Nicholas
Pages 95-119

Albion’s Global Reach: British Influences on US and EU Financial Regulation in the 1980s and the Era of the ‘Great Recession’
Keating, Kester (et al.)
Pages 121-139

British and American Monetary Policies Convergence: Structural Coincidence or Transatlantic Mutual Influence?
Champroux, Nathalie
Pages 141-163

The USA and the UK (1970–2010): Ordinary Trading Partners?
Beauguitte, Laurent (et al.)
Pages 167-183

Transatlantic Services Trade and Investment: Dynamics of and Challenges to the ‘Special Relationship’ in the Twenty-First Century
Dalingwater, Louise
Pages 185-204

Irish-Owned Exporting Companies: Looking East, Looking South but Still Going West
Groutel, Anne
Pages 205-226

Groutel, Anne
Pages 227-229

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