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Sém. FAAAM - Corinne Bigot 14h

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Présentation de l'ouvrage de Laura White. Ecospectrality. Bloomsbury, 2020.


du 5 avril 2024 au 5 avril 2027

14h-16h salle de séminaire 1, bâtiment Max Weber

Bâtiment Max Weber (W)

salle de séminaire 1
Along with humans and animals, ghosts populate the pages of contemporary Anglophone novels. Analysing five novels from Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, India, and Jamaica, this book looks at the return of refused matter and repressed knowledge, and explores how these ghosts can help readers to perceive difficult-to-visualise environmental threats –the spectral realities of contemporary capitalist development—and how they and access marginalised environmental knowledge. Instead of prompting fear, these hauntings foster understanding across species and generations to enable inclusive formulations of environmental justice.

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